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Nano Processing System

Nano Processing System

Since 1975, we have been working on high-precision machining of cutting and grinding, and have continuously developed high-precision machining technologies to meet the needs of high-tech markets and contribute to customers' development of new products and their commercial production.
Markets like high-brightness LEDs, smart phones, tablet PCs, 3D displays, and power devices are changing remarkably in the current technological innovation age.
We were reborn in 2009 as the Nano Processing System Division in order to meet the needs of micron- to nano-sized high-precision machining and nano-imprinting technologies, which are crucial to our future device creation.
We will enhance process integration features, and support various needs of our customers.

Nano Processing System Lineup

Consisting of high-precision machining, glass molding press machine, micro-pattern imprinting machine and special equipment, our varied products lineup delivers the best nano processing solutions.

Here we show a variety of core technologies that enable nano processing.

The Precision Process Development Center and Nano-Labo (Clean room for Micro-pattern Imprinting Process) help our customers resolve issues.

Information about our retrofit business

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