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Environmental management

Environmental management

Based on our management philosophy, we, the Toshiba Machine group: accurately measure environmental impacts of our business activities, products (machine tools, plastic processing machines, die-casting machines, printers, hydraulic devices, electronic control equipment, and molds), and services; protect the environment and resources; and work toward a healthier environment. We also release eco-friendly products and promote cost effective as well as efficient production in order to contribute to development of a sustainable society, which is one of our corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

TOSHIBA MACHINE GROUP Environment policy

1. Continuous enhancement of environmental protection activities

  1. We treat environmental protection activities as one of our most important management tasks and promote environmental protection for future generations. At the same time, we try to generate profit while engaging in environmental protection activities.
  2. We conduct environmental audits to review and continue to improve the environmental management system.
  3. We adhere to our environmental impact reduction plan to achieve its objectives and goals.

2. Development of eco-friendly products

  1. To realize energy- and resource-saving, we promote certification of eco-friendly products and implementation of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). This will in turn help our customers save energy and resources.
  2. We promote green procurement (products, parts, materials, and raw materials).

3. Energy- and resource-saving and promotion of effective use of resources

  1. For the purpose of effectively using energy resources such as electricity and fuels, we improve production efficiency. We also consider using recyclable energy to prevent global warming.
  2. We promote appropriate cyclic use of waste material (reuse, recycling, and heat recovery) to minimize the final amount of disposal (landfill disposal).

4. Prevention of pollution

  1. Referring to the laws, agreements, and guidelines that our group is required to observe, we will establish and follow the voluntary management standard.
  2. We promote substitution, reduction, and collection of chemical substances that may contribute to pollution in order to prevent air, water, and soil pollution, and also to reduce emissions.

5. Compulsory environmental education

We participate in environmental education and internal awareness programs to deepen our understanding of environmental protection and to become responsible members of environment protection activities.

6. Promotion of environmental partnerships

We release our environmental effort information to all stakeholders in a timely fashion and engage in bilateral communication with them. We respect diversity and continue our existence as part of our society.